Brazilian Barbecue – A breath of fresh air in the culinary world?

Referring to Korean barbecue, Japanese barbecue is probably no stranger. But have you ever heard of Brazilian barbecue? What’s different about Brazilian grill? Why Brazilian grill can survive in the Vietnamese culinary world full of fastidious diners?

About Brazilian culture and people

Brazil is a country in the South American continent, attached to the Amazon river. Brazil’s climate is tropical, similar to that of Vietnam. Therefore, cuisine also has similarities. However, Brazilian people are extremely vibrant and always full of enthusiasm. That excitement and bustle is reflected in each dish flavor, especially grilled food.

Đồ nướng Brazil như một làn gió mới thổi vào ẩm thực Việt Nam
Brazilian barbecue is like a new breeze blowing into Vietnamese cuisine

Brazil has many festivals, each festival has a different meaning. But the common point of these festivals is the passionate, hot Samba dances. People gathered in large numbers, brown-skinned girls in colorful costumes full of charm. Brazilian cuisine is like those festivals. When diners experience, the taste seems to explode in the mouth. Brazilian dishes are often decorated with eye-catching decorations, mainly salty and sour.

Brazilian cuisine – Exciting and exciting dance

Vietnam is famous for its diverse and unique cuisine thanks to the advantages of 54 ethnic groups. Brazil also has a rich cuisine due to its ethnic diversity. Brazilian people have many different origins, more or less influencing the cuisine. Some people may think that Brazilian dishes are similar to each country in some way. But such ethnic diversity has created a very unique flavor for Brazilian dishes.

Au Lac Do Brazil - Thịt Nướng Brazil - Pasteur ở Quận 3, TP. HCM |

Brazilian barbecue is like a new breeze blowing into Vietnamese cuisine

Referring to the country of Samba, people also mention the famous dish Churrasco. It may sound strange, but Churrasco is grilled meat. Churrasco is made from pork, lamb, sausage, shrimp rolls. This dish is so famous that it is popular in many countries. Therefore, it is not uncommon for  Brazilian baked goods  to be imported into Vietnam. Certainly Brazilian barbecue will create its own story and brand, just like Korean and Japanese barbecues have done.

Brazilian Barbecue – A new force emerges

Why can we call  Brazilian barbecue  a “power”? Indeed, Brazilian barbecue was introduced to Vietnam not as long as Korean or Japanese barbecue. Therefore, Brazilian barbecue restaurants or barbecue gardens are not widely available. Although Brazilian barbecue has just appeared, it has left an unforgettable impression in the hearts of diners. One of them is the Churrasco dish.

Brazilian barbecue is like a new breeze blowing into Vietnamese cuisine

Indeed, to have a delicious Churrasco dish requires a lot of stages as well as meticulousness in the cooking process of the chef. From the selection of meats (usually lamb, pork and especially beef butt – Picanha or add chicken wings, sausages, shrimp…), seasoning in accordance with the traditional Brazilian flavor. then grilled to medium fire… all ask the chef’s dedication and skill.

Churrasco dish will become perfect and right when served with salad. It is the light freshness of green salads, shisa salads, etc., which both helps to neutralize the dish and is the perfect complement to the taste that makes diners feel delirious. How can you not be stimulated by the aroma of grilled food wafting through the vibrant sounds of hot latin dance?

Where to enjoy Brazilian barbecue?

As mentioned, Brazilian barbecue  is like a new breeze blowing from South America to Vietnam. Brazilian barbecue restaurants have not been widely opened so it is quite difficult to find. Mostly famous restaurants and barbecue gardens in big cities.

In Hanoi, bringing the most obvious Brazilian color is the Brazilian Grilled Garden Carnaval. Not only offers authentic Brazilian dishes, located on the 3rd floor, 145 Trung Hoa, the restaurant also offers a space to enjoy Latin cuisine. Taking simplicity as a factor to create class, Carnaval Grill Garden is not picky in its layout but exudes sophistication and romance that can hardly be confused with anywhere.

Buffet nướng Brazil theo phong cách Churrasco lừng danh - Không phụ thu cuối tuần
Brazilian barbecue is like a new breeze blowing into Vietnamese cuisine

In Ho Chi Minh City, Au Lac Do Brazil is a destination not to be missed. Appearing in Saigon for more than 10 years, Au Lac Do Brazil has long been a familiar destination for those who are passionate about discovering and enjoying unique and new cuisine. Au Lac Do Brazil is famous for its varied Churasco menu in the traditional Rodizzio style. For diners who want to experience Brazilian barbecue the restaurant will be an unforgettable experience.

Những nhà hàng dành cho tín đồ ẩm thực yêu thích thịt nướng - Du lịch Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh - Sống động từng trải nghiệm!
Brazilian barbecue is like a new breeze blowing into Vietnamese cuisine

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