From 1700s, the pasture industry became popular in South of Brazil. Developing from this, the community of Brazilian vagrant labor invented a method of marinating huge meat blocks with sea salt and then grilling them slowly over burning charcoal. What is more amazing than enjoying a fresh grill with brothers after a long working day on the pastureland? 

Nowadays, the Brazilian inherits that dining tradition by opening their exclusive grilling restaurants all over the world. Blocks of beef, pork, chicken, lamb, sausage… are rolled slowly in the same speed inside the Churrasco queria kitchens. Usually, they put the kind which is fattier above, then the greasy liquid falls down and drips over the others below. This is also one of the secrets to serve the meat right at the table, the meat will be sliced right from the skewer by the waiter, with fresh smell and smooth texture. 

Since 2003, the brand name Au Lac do Brazil, the precursor of Salanca, has led in bringing the Brazil food & beverage to Ho Chi Minh City, and 2006 in Hanoi. The brand was deepy loved and recognized by the Vietnamese diners due to the food quality and the warm service. The date of 1st January, 2022 marked a significant milestone. Salanca is thoroughly splitted from Au Lac do Brazil, managed by Ms. Nga Nguyen and Mr. Jan Stromler – the initial founder who has franchised the brand to Vietnam, operating and developing in Nothern region. In the South, Au Lac do Brazil is transferred to NovaFood Group for continuously developing.

Moving forward from the previous success of Au Lac do Brazil, the brand Salanca has strengthened their values and always appreciated the diners’ continuous support. Salanca spreads an intense and sincere lifestyle, eating steaks delightfully. Therefore, arriving at Salanca Brazil, you can temporarily leave behind a strict day diet, start with a caipirinha and enjoy the fresh meats served right at your table.


Just like the flame of Churrasco queria kitchen, exciting like the enthusiastic Brazil Carnival, glorious like the Samba dancers in their attractive moves, …